I Just Want To Live Like Carrie Bradshaw! 
Is That Too Much To Ask?!

Hi there and welcome to my blog! My name is Marisa and I am thrilled to have you visiting my little corner of the internet. I am a twenty-something year old bureaucrat (yes, you heard me. Bureaucrat) living in Toronto Ontario. When I’m not buried under briefing notes and looming deadlines, I can usually be found with a glass of winecc79e9eea3d6ccd47bcd5bee7bee9de8scrolling through the world of Pinterest sharing ideas and looking for inspiration.

…small aside….French Bulldogs are a literal obsession that seem to have filled my Pinterest and I actually cannot handle the chubby cuteness that they are cartoon_french_bulldog_mask_cutout-r35f056e3c11b4992b09965fbc48504d6_x7sai_8byvr_324 …aaannddd we’re back…

My heart skips a beat for all things creative; and while I love my job, it doesn’t often leave much room for letting my artistic juices flow. Which brings us here! Living Blonde is my outlet for expression, individuality and (most importantly) fun.  So grab a cup of chai mug sit down and stay a while!

Oh, and in case the header of this page didn’t tip you off, Sex and the City is everything – expect to see quotes hanging around from time to time.

About the Blog

I started this blog on a whim in the summer of 2017. I love chatting with friends and co-workers about the four passions heavy-black-heart in my life: make-up, fashion, books, and painting. To most people it would seem that these four things have very little in common, but for me, these are the things that allow me to be the most creative. I happen to follow a few lifestyle blogs and YouTube channels and one day thought “Hey, why not start my own?”. So here is my little rendition! My blog is constantly changing and growing as I learn more about the blogging world. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as i enjoy creating it.

On Living Blonde, you can expect to find a variety of things. I post anything from make-up/ skin care tips and product reviews, to style posts on clothes I’m loving and home items I’m decorating my apartment with, to I what I’m currently reading and DIYing. Yes, it’s a lot, but I hope you find something you love.