Ciaté Glitter Flip Liquid Lipstick Review

Well, it looks as though the internet is broken again! You’re seriously going to want to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to this one. Ciaté has sent the beauty community into a literal frenzy over their most recent launch of Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks. This product is marketed as a metallic matte liquid lipstick that magically transforms into a glitter lip as you press your lips together. The question is, does it really work?

These liquid lipsticks are available in seven different shades, ranging from soft pinks to
bold blues. Each lipstick is $23 CAD. and contains 0.10 oz. of product. Ciaté describes these lipsticksimg_2821.jpg as having a “stay-put formulation that is non-drying and totally comfortable, and will last all night with no need for retouching”. These lipsticks are made without parabens, sulfates or phthalates, and are dermatologically tested, vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without gluten.

In terms of packaging, I think Ciaté did an amazing job. The tube is made of a sleek clear acrylic, allowing you to see what colour you’re using without opening up the tube. I also love that they put some thought behind smaller details of the packaging, such as the glittery silver lid and star details.

As you can imagine, almost all of the colours are already sold out on Sephora’s website. When I placed my order a few days ago, only Fortune (dark purple) and Iconic (black) were still available. This was actually a blessing in disguise because all of the colours in this line look really beautiful and it would have been pretty hard to choose between seven shades. I ended up ordering the colour Iconic. It applies as a matte metallic black lipstick and transforms into a glitter lip with a blue reflect when lips are pressed together.















I don’t know what kind of witchcraft Ciaté put into this product, but this actually works. No gimmick. This truly does what it says it’s going to. We’re not talking about just a few speckles of glitter either. We’re talking full-blown, disco ball, glitter lips. The more you press those lips together, the sparklier it gets.

Ciaté also did a pretty amazing job on the formula of these lipsticks as well. I ordered the darkest colour in the range and experienced no streaking or patchiness during application. After about two minutes the lipstick completely dried down and was budge proof. While it was slightly drying on the lips, this did wear all day (don’t worry I stayed inside!) and didn’t smear or flake off.

Overall, I am super impressed with this product. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen on the market and is incredibly creative and innovative. While I don’t see myself wearing this on an everyday basis, I do think it makes for a cool addition to my make-up collection and may be something I wear to a future event or even for Halloween!

Have you tried the new Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks yet? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Product Overview:

  • Brand: Ciaté London
  • Price: $23 CAD.
  • Living Blonde Rating: cropped-lb-site-icon.png cropped-lb-site-icon.png cropped-lb-site-icon.png cropped-lb-site-icon.png cropped-lb-site-icon.png