Lush Favourites

This week I feel like I am really focused on comfort and things that make me comfortable. I recently returned home from a week long trip and am struggling to catch my breath and get back into the swing of things. Most people would take that as a sign of a great vacation, and perhaps there is truth to that. It gave me the opportunity to fully unplug from my job and enjoy being present with friends and family. I guess my gripe is really with how hard it is to plug back in immediately, when really I just want to be coddled back gently into reality. But since I am an adult and there is no such thing as “gentle reality”, I’ve been compensating with wine, sushi and bubble baths.

Naturally, bubble baths meant stocking up on all my faves from Lush. Now, before we get too far into this, I need to just have a real moment here – I went slightly overboard with this purchase. There were new products and fancy displays and I just couldn’t help myself! It really isn’t my fault when you take a hard look at it. I’m an innocent victim of sparkle, amazing smells and just overall good-ass products. Anyways, here is a round-up of some new and old faves from Lush!

Bubble Bars

I’m going to start this grouping of favourites out on a strong note. Bubble bars have to be my ultimate favourite from Lush. I know, I know. You’re thinking “what? bubble bars trump bath bombs?!”. And yeah, for me they do. I know, who do I think I am?! But hear me out. Bath bombs are amazing and there is definitely no denying that. But when I think of taking a nice relaxing bath, I always think of bubbles and lots of them!

My trick with bubble bars is to split them in half. I mean it hurts me a little to ruin some of the super cute designs, but I find a whole bar is just too much. On the plus side, you get two amazing baths in one bar. Just crumble the half you want to use under the bath water until it has fully disintegrated Here are two of my all time faves:


Creamy Candy

This one is a real O.G. product for me. I’ve been using Creamy Candy since the dawn of time (ok, not actually, but it’s been a while). It has this amazing sweet bubblegum smell and turns your bath water a really pretty pink colour. My favourite part of using Creamy Candy is how super soft it leaves my skin. Definite obsession!

Price: $7.50 CAD.


Bright SideIMG_2437

This one is actually a more recent find for me. I don’t know what took me so long to discover it, but I am so happy to have it in my life now. It smells just like a tropical vacation – giving off a delicious scent of mandarin. It turns the bath water a bright orange and makes me feel like I’m taking a bath in Orange Crush!

Price: $11.95 CAD.

 Bath Oils

Another favourite are the bath oils. These are the perfect way to bring your bath game to another level. They add a little extra fragrance and leave your skin super soft. I like to use these in the winter to cure dry skin, but I’ve recently been enjoying the sheen they give my skin in the summer. The best part is that they don’t leave you with sticky or greasy skin.

IMG_2440Two of my faves are Razzle Dazzle (pink) and You’ve Been Mangoed (green). Both are made with shea and cocoa butter and have similar moisturizing effects. I’ll typically go for Razzle Dazzle when I want a sweeter berry scent. I’ve discovered that it also makes a perfect pair with the Creamy Candy bubble bar.  You’ve Been Managoed offers more of a warm and energizing scent, with notes of mango and lemon. The only caution I will give with this one is that it has a tendency to leave a bit of green residue in the tub once the water has been drained.

Price: $3.95 – $4.95 CAD.

Shower Smoothies

Ok, I admit, I cheated a little with this one. Shower Smoothies are typically something I use in the shower. However, I wanted to include them in this grouping of favourites because they’re such a great product.

Dreamwash is by far my favourite from this line. It contains amazing ingredients like aloe vera, calamine and chamomile to calm and moisturize the skin. I’ve relied on this product quite a bit this summer when dealing with sunburns. It’s been the only thing I can trust to cleanse and soothe irritated skin without worrying about harsh chemicals. I also love the soft rose and lavender scent this leaves on my skin.

Price: $25.95 CAD.

Bonus New Find – Aliens and Monsters


This is a strange one for me. I picked up Aliens and Monsters first and foremost to see what the heck it was. This is basically marketed as plasticine for the bath. It’s soft and malleable enough to be formed into shapes, but doesn’t easily break apart or disintegrate. The cool thing about this product is that it can also be used for soap. It provides a great lather on the skin and smells like vanilla. I’ve also used this as a sort of bubble top-up in the bath. Since this product is not super easy to crumble, it doesn’t produce enough bubbles for a full bath on its own. The best part of Lush’s fun bars is that a percentage of sales is donated to support projects in Japan providing safe places for kids to play following the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Price: $9.95 CAD.

Well, there it is. This completes my round up of some of my favourite products from Lush. What did you think of this list? Are any of these products also some of your favourites? Leave me a comments with some of your Lush ride or dies!