Amazing Finds at Marshall’s

Well, I guess my bad day at work was a blessing in disguise. Why? Bad work days typically mean some serious retail therapy is in store. I decided to hit up Marshall’s with my friend Amanda tonight to decompress and just have some fun shopping. I’ve had some success there during a few of my recent trips and hoped my lucky streak would continue. Thankfully, it did and I thought i would share some of the hidden gems I came across!

Let’s start this little haul with the best in show, shall we? I actually ended up finding this amazing Kate Spade purse by complete accident. I was in the section of Marshall’s where the hats, sunglasses and belts are hung, looking for a cute pair of sunnies (which ended up being a bust). Then, there she was. Just hanging there; patiently waiting for me to find her. It was love at first sight and totally meant to be.

Kate Spade Crossbody

This purse is perfectly suited in every way for the summer months. It’s a crossbody style purse, which for me is essential for the summer. I personally hate fiddling with falling straps and a purse under my arm while I’m out on a walk or shopping. There are also quite a few notches in the strap, so you can adjust it to suit your height and torso length. This purse is small and compact, while still allowing you to carry the essentials without feeling like you are jamming them in there. But the best part of this purse has to be the pattern. There’s just something about a watercolour floral print that screams “shorts, flip-flops and a mimosa please”!

  • Brand: Kate Spade
  • Price: $129 CAD

Kate Spade Crossbody - inside

Next up is this blue and white stripped bardot shirt. I’m officially obsessed! If I could fill my closet with everything bardot, i would. No regrets, no shame. This trend is everywhere right now and i could not be happier. There is just something so sexy, yet classy, about showing your shoulders. This shirt is a light cotton/ linen material, which is perfect for this time a year. The blue and white striped pattern gives me slight nautical vibes – although that could just be because I envision my summer life on a fancy yacht somewhere off the coast of Aruba (*sigh* if only). I can see this being paired with shorts for a nice family BBQ or dark jeans for a night out.

  • Brand: La Classe Couture
  • Price: $16.99 CAD

Navy and White Bardot Shirt

What’s a little retail therapy without shoes? These indigo blue flats by Tommy Hilfiger spoke my name as soon as I saw them. They whispered softly “Marisa, put us on and take us home“. Who was I to say no?! These flats are perfect for a casual summer day. While the shoe itself is light-weight and breathable, the material is a thick and durable canvas. These will come in handy on the weekends when running errands or on evening walks with the bf.

  • Brand: Tommy Hilfigur
  • Price: $39.99 CAD

Tommy Hilfiger Flats

Last, but certainly not least, is a little home decor! Once again, I stumbled upon these throw pillows totally by accident. As I was making my way to the check-out, I passed by the home section and these caught my eye. I swear, displays that are set up at or by the check-out get me every time and today was no exception.

Grey and White Throw Pillows

I have been looking for new throw pillows that would suit the couch for a while. When we first moved into our condo unit in September, I had bought faux fur pillow covers on the cheap. At the time they achieved the look I was going for without breaking the bank. As can be expected, they didn’t last very long and actually started to bald a little (yikes!). I’m so glad I came across these new throw pillows. Not only was it a desperate situation, these pillows are perfect with my charcoal coloured couch. They offer just enough contrast without looking odd or clashy. The best part? They are super plush and furry!

  • Brand: Max Studio – Home
  • Price: $20 CAD each

Pillows with Couch

So overall, this unexpected trip to Marshall’s was a huge success. Too bad my Visa will be singing a different tune at the end of the month! I hope this little haul gave you some ideas and inspiration for your summer wardrobe this year. Happy hunting!